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Saturday, December 15, 2007
hay what do u guys think? should i continue with this blog and keep the exclusive albums coming in and update with hilary stuff wheneva i can or just give up. will you all keep coming back nd let everyone know? if not im not going to bother. I will put a shout box on here if i continue but if not let me know in the comments or in the main cbox back at audio attack page
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Beat Of My Heart Twistin Radio Mix

Beat Of My Heart Sam998899 Twistin Radio Mix

Watch The Fan Made Video Or Download The MP3

You Can Never Get Enough Hilary Duff Thats Why Sam998899 Remixes Her To Bring Her Old Hits Back To Life. He Is A Fantastic Remixer And Deserves To Be Noticed.

Visit Sam998899's Blogspot Multiply Site or Myspace

To Download and Listen To Other Mixes Including Hilary Duff

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Most Wanted 2 and Dignifieed Remix Album News

Monday, December 10, 2007
Ok there was a mistake with the dignified album but it is all ready for upload now i just cant upload it at the moment coz i exceeded my limit and im waiting for it to turn back this week. but i have started working on the next album in the line up of audio attack custom albums...plz leave feed back guys it seems as noone even cares.

Most wanted 2 info.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

here is your first look at the cover art and some tracks in the line up... its not just gna be by sam998899 now i decided that was too hard its now just remixes from all over the place and what iv decided so far is really hot!!

Wake up (Joe Bermudez Ultmix)
Beat OF My Heart ( Sam998899 Twistin Radio Mix)
Come Clean (Sam998899 Euro Club Edit)
Whos That Girl (Sam 998899 Midnight Radio Mix)
I Am (Remix 2005)
Stranger (A castello Radio Mix)

Un Confirmd
any new sam998899 remixes that surface before this album is finalised there is a possible remix to getaway on the way.

also possible tracks from the dignity walmart EP (I forgot about them lol)

Fly (sam998899 (Human Highlight Mix) or (Sam998899 Radio Remix)
Party Up (Rob Chiarellis dance mix)
Material Girls (ft Madonna)
With Love (Unknown Remix)

ok thats all i got so far i need ya feedback people please show me that im not wasteing my time. send me comments and shout in the box back at the audio attack main blog

The Confirmed Tracklist For Sam998899 Dignified Radio Edition
Released Very Soon If Enough People Comment For it..

1. Dignified Megamix
2. With Love - L.O.V.E Remix
3. Stranger - Idiosyncratic Remix
4. Dignity - Progressive Remix
5. Burned - Scourching Remix
6. Gypsy Woman - Sick & Twisted Remix
7. Play With Fire - Burned Remix
8. Dreamer - Staring Remix
9. Happy - Tearful Remix
10. Danger - 74 Remix
11. Never Stop - Red Sign Remix
12. Outside Of YOu - Set ME Free Remix
13. No Work All Play - Living Lightly Remix
Bonus Tracks
14. With Love - Progressive Remix
15. Stranger - Progressive Remix
16. Gypsy Woman - Dark Remix
17. With Love - Rockin' Remix
18. Play With Fire - Radio Remix
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Whats To Come

Thursday, December 06, 2007
Alot of custom made remix albums are heading your way i just gotta make em all. i have heaps of remixes all over the computer so im gna take some time to sort em into albums to add to the hilary duff discography. previously on this blog i posted the "I Cant Wait B-Sides Album" and the "In The Mix" album and gave u my covers to print out for your collection. with the i cant wait album i found an added song later that i added but i am uncertain if i included it "ill give anything but up" anyway that was what you new ones missed.

The new ones to come include
a very talented young DJ who is very good at what he does. i am a huge fan of his remixes. It is a shame that his work isnt more publicied. Sam998899 remixed almost the entire dignity album and deserves an award for that as it is absolutly brilliant. he did raido and club versions and also tryd a new style hip hop and a dark remix. he remixed some before dignity too so i have 3 albums soon to come of his work and they are deffinently worth the listen. if they were availble to purchase id be first in line to buy them.
Visit Sam998899s blog to get a preview and ill have the first of 3 albums up soon

The Albums Coming Soon that i still have to make so please bare with me.

click to enlarge

Dignified - Sam998899 Radio Remixes
(Confirmd Track List)

1. Dignified Megamix
2. Stranger - Idiosyncratic Reix
3. Dignity - Progressive Remix
4. With Love - L.O.V.E Remix
5. Danger - 74 Remix
6. Gypsy Woman - Sick & Twisted Remix
7. Never Stop - Red Sign Remix
8. No Work All Play - Living Lightly Remix
9. Dreamer - Staring Remix
10. Burned - Scourching Remix
11. Happy - Tearful Remix
12. Outside Of You - Set Me Free Remix
Bonus Tracks
13. With Love - Rockin' Remix
14. Stranger - Progressive Remix
15. Gypsy Woman - Dark Remix
16. With Love - Progressive Remix
17 Gypsy Woman - Sick & Twisted Remix #2

Dignified - Sam998899 Club Remixes
Track List TBC

Most Wanted Volume 2 (Title & Track List TBC)
- Sam998899s older remixes and some from dignity
would like imput on what to call this album.
- remixes include
sams new remixes
with love
gypsy woman
beat of my heart
wake up
come clean
- older remixes
whos that girl
little voice
the last song
and sum megamixes
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Returning Soon

Hilary duff blog Returning Soon with more custom remix albums and covers to go with too.

heres my little Hilary collection

i thaught i had more but not sure. i still have a few albums & covers to make and print and all my custom albums will be available here if theres enough people that want them. so dont be shy to leave a comment here or back at the main Audio Attack blog because you guyz are what keeps it going.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
here is most of it with a few things missing.
My Hilary Duff Folder Wih Magazine Clippings
Most wanted Tour Book
Signed Photo Card
Big Signed Poster (not pictured)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
CD Collection: more coming soon
Santa Clause Lane
Hilary Duff (Selftitled)
Most Wanted
Dignity (Deluxe Edition)
Dignity (Japan Photobook Editin)
I Cant Wait (B-Sides Album) (Custom)
Dignified (Sam998899's Radio Remix Album) (Custom)
Why Not (CD Single)
So Yesterday (CD Single)
Come Clean (CD Single)
Wake Up (CD Single)
Beat Of My Heart (CD Single)
With Love (CD Single)
Lizzie McGuire (TV Soundtrack)
Metamorphosis (Remix EP)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
DVD Collection
Complete Lizzie McGuire Series (Season 1-3)
All Acess Pass (Music DVD)
The Girl Can Rock (Concert DVD)
Cadet Kelly
The Perfect Man
Material Girls
Lizzie McGuire Movie
Raise Your Voice
Agent Cody Banks
A Cinderella Story
Casper Meets Wendy
Cheaper By The Dozen 1&2

plenty more to come.
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Hilary Duff - Dignity

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
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In The Mix - Ultimate Edition - Covers

Sunday, February 25, 2007
In The Mix - Ultimate Edition - Covers

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In The Mix - Ultimate Edition

In The Mix - Ultimate Edition





5. PAR-T UP!

6. 2 Tha B33T Of MY <3

7. With L<3ve











In The Mix Ultimate Edition Details

01. With Love (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
02. Come Clean (Flood Mix Chris Cox)
03. I Cant Wait (Dance Remix)
04. Jericho (Remix 2005)
05. Party up (Remix 2005)
06. Beat Of My Heart (Sugarcookie Remix)
07. With Love (A Costillo Remix)
08. So Yesterday (Radio Mix)
09. Come Clean (Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Main Mix)
10. Why Not (MC Mix)
11. Wake Up (Dani Better Terrace Promo Mix)
12. Wake Up (DJ Kaya Long-T Remix)
13. With Love (Richard Vision Vs David Mix)
14. With Love (Richard Vision VS David Aude)
15. Play With Fire (Richard Vision Radio Mix)
16. Fly (Dean Chase Remix)
17. The Last Song (Sam998899 Mix)

For Those Of You Who Have Downloaded The Previous Edition. The Rereleased Tracks Are Here For Your Convenience.
7. With L<3ve
12. WAYKUP (PART 2) *Reuploaded*
(without silence at the begining to allow smooth crossover of the two part WAKEUP)

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4Ever - Hilary Duff

Thursday, February 22, 2007
4Ever Hilary Duff

1. Fly

2. Weird

3. Our Lips Are Sealed

4. Shine

5. Someone's Watching Over Me

6. Anywhere But Here

7. Who's That Girl (Acoustic Version)

8. Jericho (Remix 2005)

9. Sweet Sixteen

10. Super Girl (Exclusive Track)

11. Come Clean (Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Main Mix)

12. Wake Up (DJ Kaya Long T Mix)

13. BOMH (Sugarcookie Remix)

14. So Yesterday (Radio Remix)

15. Fly (AOL Session)

View The Front And Back Cover Here

We Wanna Know What Your Thinking Of The Blog..
Are You Likeing The Cover Art I Spend Hours Making. And Exclusive Albums.

Well Be Sure To Leave Comments Here Or In The Main Chat Box So We Know What You Think

A Huge Thanx To Staff Member Amanda For The Uploading Re-uploading Of The Content.

Got Any Thing Or Any Suggestions U Would Like To Share Please Let Us Know In The Comments Or Cbox.

Remixes, Mashups, Instrumental, Acapellas etc.
If Anmyone Can Please Help With Any Of These or like making them.
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In The Mix Covers

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
In The Mix Covers
Mix 'N' Match Covers
We couldnt decide on one cover set so we bring you 4 1/2..... lol

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    Dignity (2007)

    01. Stranger
    02. Dignity
    03. With Love
    04. Danger
    05. Gypsy Woman
    06. Never Stop
    07. No Work, All Play
    08. Between You and Me
    09. Dreamer
    10. Happy
    11. Burned
    12. Outside Of You
    13. I Wish
    14. Play with Fire

    Most Wanted (2005)

    01. Wake Up
    02. Beat Of My Heart
    03. Break My Heart
    04. Why Not (2005 Remix)
    05. So Yesterday
    06. Come Clean (flood Mix)
    07. Party Up (2005 Remix)
    08. Our Lips Are Sealed
    09. Fly
    10. Someone’s Watching Over Me
    11. The Girl Can Rock
    12. Rock This World (2005 Remix)
    13. Supergirl

    Hilary Duff (2004)

    01. Fly
    02. Do You Want Me?
    03. Weird
    04. Hide Away
    05. Mr. James Dean
    06. Underneath This Smile
    07. Dangerous To Know
    08. Who's That Girl?
    09. Shine
    10. I Am
    11. The Getaway
    12. Cry
    13. Haters
    14. Rock This World
    15. Someone's Watching Over Me
    16. Jericho
    17. The Last Song

    Metamorphosis (2003)

    01. So Yesterday
    02. Come Clean
    03. Workin' It Out
    04. Little Voice
    05. Where Did I Go Right?
    06. Anywhere But Here
    07. The Math
    08. Love Just Is
    09. Sweet Sixteen
    10. Party Up
    11. Metamorphosis
    12. Inner Strength
    13. Why Not
    14. A Day In The Sun

    Santa Clause Lane (2002)

    01. What Christmas Should Be
    02. Santa Claus Lane
    03. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    04. I Heard Santa On The Radio
    05. Jingle Bell Rock
    06. When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown
    07. Sleigh Ride
    08. Tell Me A Story
    09. Last Christmas
    10. Same Old Christmas
    11. Wonderful Christmas Time

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